• Gord’s show is unique. His aircraft is a prototype from 1972. It is rare, Russian, and is larger than most aerobatic performer aircraft making it easy to watch for the spectators, and easy to tell what the aircraft is doing while he runs through his routine.  His routine is energetic and graceful, making it a joy to watch. He is in front of the crowd the entire act.

  • There is a marked difference in Gordon Price's act from other high performance acts.

    He combines a consistency of precision and aircraft placement with the grace of a master who has decades of contest experience. 

    Gord seems to draw from every part of his storied aviation past, both military and civilian, to differentiate his demonstration from the pack. Nothing is left to chance. Every move is a deliberate contribution to the aerial ballet that is Gord's hallmark.

  • Gord, I would like to say that it was a pleasure working with you due to your good nature, extreme flying ability, and willingness to meet the crowd and spread the word about the wonderful world of flying. With the vast experience you have in flying, not only in airshows but military, airlines and private aviation I recommend airshow promoters to hire you for the hope to help steer young people into the aviation field. Hope to see you soon.

  • Like the fine whiskies Gord has at his restaurant in Thornbury, he keeps improving with age. A great performer and easy to work with.

    Bill Snelgrove AIR BOSS
  • As an announcer, or, the story teller at the airshow I love his story. Gord’s career includes military and commercial flying after distinguished careers in the RCAF & Air Canada, FAI World Competition Aerobatics, a builder and designer of planes and .......the part I like to leave out until after his first or second tumble….....he’s 75! I love the reaction from the crowd……PRICEless! An inspiration to all and a great chapter in whatever story your show is trying to tell.

    Rick Peterson AIR SHOW ANNOUNCER
  • It was a pleasure to have you perform at the Quinte International Air Show 2016. As a fellow pilot I appreciated both the incredible flying skills you demonstrated, as well as the professionalism and safety of your performance. The narration which included the history of your extensive aviation career was inspiring to all those in the audience, civilian and military alike.

    Perhaps the highest praise I can give you for your show actually came from my 13 year old daughter. I asked her what her favourite performance was at our airshow, fully expecting that it would be either the F-22 or the Snowbirds with an outside chance that it would be the CF-18 demo. Instead, she immediately responded that “it was the 75 year old guy in the white and red airplane”.

    I think that says it all. Thanks again for being a part of our very successful show, you are a true professional.

  • We were honored to have Mr. Gordon Price as one of the performers in our line-up. Mr. Price put on an excellent show for our spectators despite some challenging wind conditions on the first day. His routine is impressive and was performed flawlessly.

    Mr. Price presented himself very professionally and was well respected by the other performers at our show.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Gord on a professional level (as the Air Boss or the Deputy Air Boss) at several air shows now (including Waterloo, CFB Borden and 8 Wing Trenton) and can affirm that he is truly one of the best in the air show business.His performance is exciting, inspiring and entertaining, but above all, very safe. From our initial contact, in preparation for the show, through to the last time I see Gord departing the show for home, he is a consummate professional.

    I highly recommend Gord Price to any air show organization as a perfect addition to any show line-up.

  • My experience with Gord Price has been an incredibly positive one.  As Air Operations Director for the Rotary Charity Airshow in Brantford, I hired Gord to perform in the 2016 show.

    Gord brings a very high level of professionalism to any airshow he attends.  His performance is riveting and his showmanship is next to none.  Once he completes his performance, Gord prioritizes talking to the audience at the fence-line, inspiring the next generation of pilots.  Gord’s flying history always impresses the audience and the crowds appreciate the dedication and hard work which is evident when he performs.

    Gord is an incredibly valuable asset to any show, and I will definitely be hiring him in the future.

    Josh Pegg Air Operations Director Rotary Charity Airshow - Brantford
  • Being a small venue as far as air shows go that only hosted military teams, we decided to delve into the world of civilian performers. We were at a loss as to who we should hire and what would be a good fit for us.  We were SO fortunate to have you, Gord Price, grace our skies! You absolutely wowed the crowds!!!  And to anyone thinking of adding you to their list of performers, let me just say to them:  Big or small air show, his routine is of the highest of calibers and thrilling to the audience!  Thank you Gord for being part of our show!

    Joanne Boissonnault Director - Airshow Restigouche spectacle aérien , Charlo New Brunswick
  • Gordon is a consummate professional and an outstanding entertainer.

    When he performed at the 2014 Eastern Townships Airshow, our spectators and his fellow air show performers were gobsmacked by his flying skills.

    His airplane is unique, his background is unique and Gordon Price is unique. He inspires young and old and fellow performers respect his well-honed skills and routines which drop jaws.

    When Gordon attended our show in Quebec, we received several requests from the Engineering Department at the General Electric Aviation plant.They wanted to hear about his work with the Yakovlev Design Bureau in Russia, and the history of his Yak-50 #001, as well as his design of the Ultimate Bi-Plane.

    We received many thank-you's from the engineers for this unique opportunity. In the past two years we've had two aerobatic pilots performing at our airport in the Ultimate Biplane which Gordon Price designed.

    He is respected as a former Royal Canadian Air Force pilot flying supersonic CF-104's in Europe with nuclear weapons during the cold war.

    These days, as an aggressive and entertaining performer, flying a rare aircraft on the air show circuit.

    He is a gentleman and one of the greatest ambassadors we have in Canadian General Aviation.

    Joseph Singerman Director, Flight Operations/ Eastern Townships Airshow