Welcome to Gord Price Airshows

Gord Price has been performing airshows since 1976 now flying the prototype Yakovlev YAK -50 built at the Yakovlev Design Bureau in Moscow Russia.

About Gord

  • 81 years old still pulling +7 G and pushing -5 G.
  • Transport Canada Surface Level waiver for  Airshow Aerobatics in the YAK-50
  • RCAF 422 Squadron CF-104 ‘Starfighter’  Nuclear strike pilot from 1964-67.
  • Performs 3 lomcevaks, as taught by Ladislav Bezak, the inventor of the manoeuvre.
  • Represented Canada at 3 FAI Unlimited World Aerobatic Championships… 1980, 82, 88.
  • Air Canada Captain for 36 years. Retired from Boeing 747-400 in 2001
  • Developed the Ultimate Wing and doubled the roll rate of the Pitts Special
  • Flew CIAS Air Airshow (CNE) 1988 and 2017,2018,2019,2021, 2022
  • Flew  Oshkosh Air Show 4 times in 80s in his Ultimate Pitts Pitts  the Ultimate series of bi-planes
  • Designed, built and flew the ‘Ultimate ‘ series of biplanes.
  • Designer of the extremely popular  ‘Ultimate Biplane’ model aircraft.
  • Flew the CF-104 Starfighter again in June 2018 …..52 years after being on squadron
  • Inducted as an Honorary Snowbird November 2022.

Canadian National and/or Open Unlimited Aerobatic Champion 7 times.

Flew 3 FAI World Aerobatic Championships obtaining the best standings of any Canadian pilot so far.

Silver medal in Hilton Masters of Aerobatics. Pilots from around the world all flew the Pitts S2B. Pilots could not watch other competitors unless they had already flown. Judges did not know which pilot was flying the aircraft.

  • Gord’s show is unique. His aircraft is a prototype from 1972. It is rare, Russian, and is larger than most aerobatic performer aircraft making it easy to watch for the spectators, and easy to tell what the aircraft is doing while he runs through his routine.  His routine is energetic and graceful, making it a joy to watch. He is in front of the crowd the entire act.

  • Like the fine whiskies Gord has at his restaurant in Thornbury, he keeps improving with age. A great performer and easy to work with.

    Bill Snelgrove AIR BOSS
  • We were honored to have Mr. Gordon Price as one of the performers in our line-up. Mr. Price put on an excellent show for our spectators despite some challenging wind conditions on the first day. His routine is impressive and was performed flawlessly.

    Mr. Price presented himself very professionally and was well respected by the other performers at our show.